Assignment Three: Blog 5

 This week I have been working on the last parts of Cloud Pub. I started off by finishing the stage lighting, these lights are turned on and off by clicking on the light.


I then moved onto the roof lighting, I had planned to make these lights work on a sensor so they would turn off when nobody was in the pub. However after hours of trying different scripting methods I was still unable to get this to work, the closest I could get was that the light could only be turned on when the avatar was within 5 meters which was pointless so I removed it.


Because off the amount of time I had spent on these lights I had now run out of time to try get create a smoke machine using the particle system. I also ran out of time to finish my seating for the table and chairs area, as this script was a lot harder to create than the bar stools because of the rotation.


I am not entirely surprised that I did not get everything finished from my initial plan, as I had done such a minimal amount of scripting before this build that I was unaware how complex some of the scripting could be. Looking back on my initial build plan I probably should have gone with a smaller and less complicated build, this is because I spent a lot of time just working with the prims and texturing and I underestimated the amount of time scripting would take.

I believe I have meet most of my learning goals that I had set myself at the begging of this assignment but still definitely have room for improvement. At the start of this build I still really struggled with aligning prims, it took me a very long time to create the initial walls, floor and roof deleting everything and restarting multiple times trying different methods. Now I find this a lot easier to do after using the build tool so much, and I have also learnt a lot about manipulating prims to make the shape needed.

The thing I struggle with the most is still scripting, I did not finish all the scripting I had planned to for the pub. The sensor system I could not get to work the way I wanted as I talked about above, and the same with the music. If I had owned the land I was building on I could have got the music to work through streaming in the land preferences, but since SL limits you to a 10 second sound on a prim which cost $L10 to upload this wasn’t suitable for music playing in the pub. However, I did get some things like seating, lighting, chat message, content passed to avatar and the doors to work.

Even though I did not manage to get everything 100% working for this build, I am still fairly happy with the way it turned out. I didn’t quite meet all the requirements I had chosen for the build like the sensor and particle system, but I think I have meet everything else as well as ones that weren’t planned on like animated textures for the sign. Overall I have learnt a lot through this build and vastly improved my building skills and knowledge, I also feel like I have a better understanding of SL itself and a greater appreciation for what people have created.








Assignment Three Blog 4

Today I have been working on some more scripting for Cloud Pub, I started with where I got stuck last time the doors. After a lot of YouTube videos, reading blog and looking at examples I finally managed to get my door to rotate correctly. I ended up using path cut to hide some of the door so it would rotate on the edge this took a of tweaking to get right, the door also greets the avatar by name when touched.


I then moved on to creating the posters that would link out to a webpage, to do this is uploaded a texture onto the prim of the album cover and wrote a simple script to link the users to the album on YouTube.  I would like to add more around the pub but my land impact is at 228 already so I’ll leave it to I have finished creating the other objects.


Next I created a script on the speakers to give the avatar a notecard with the music playlist for Cloud Pub, there were no real problems when creating this or the posters.


Requirements meet so far

I have meet the general requirements for shapes, prim manipulations, textures and texture manipulation with the general building throughout

A scanning system that will detect the presence of an avatar then interact with the avatar in some manner.

  • I was initially going to do this with the doors, however it was complex enough to get the rotation to work so I will try implement it to something else.

A prim’s inventory item (Content) passed to an avatar

  • This requirement has been meet by the speaker passing a notecard to the avatar when clicked on.

An appropriate particle system

  • Have not yet got to this

The sitting of an avatar on a prim with the purpose of either “seating” or “teleporting” the avatar

  • I believe have meet this requirement with my bar stool seats.

A link out to a web page

  • This requirement has been meet by the posters that link the avatar to a YouTube playlist when clicked on.

An instance of a prim with Light

  • I have made some progress with this but is not yet finished.



Assignment Three: Blog 3  

This week I have been working on texturing for my build. I first started with the outside applying different textures and ended up choosing one of the free brick textures Isa had provided. Since my walls are made of several prims, it took me a long time of playing with repeats per meter and the scale of the texture the so it looked the same on all sides.


Next, I moved on to texturing the Roof, this also took a bit of playing around with the texture settings but not nearly as long as the bricks because its only three prims. Overall, I was happy with the way the roof turned out.


I then moved on to the inside of the pub and started texturing the walls, roof and floor. Once again, the walls took a while to get right but the roof and floor was pretty straight forward. Next I started texturing the bar and bar stools, I kept with the wooden theme for the bar and used multiple textures and settings for the bar stools such as shininess on the base. For the shelf, I ended up uploading my own texture and applying it for the bottles, the first time I did this I only did it locally and it disappeared when I logged back in. I then realised you had to upload the texture which cost $L 10 so that it would be permanent, once I had uploaded it and applied it again it stayed.


To create the sign for the pub I also uploaded a texture, I created it using an online texture generator with a transparent background so you could see the brick texture behind the sign (prim).


After this started playing with scripting, using what Isa had showed us I managed to get the script working for my bar stools so the avatar sits facing the bar and is on the stool. I then tried to get the script working for my door, I am a bit lost as after looking at lots of information online there seems to be so many ways to do it.

So I started working on getting music in my pub, I created some speakers from some prims and looked into scripting with sound. However it appears that second life only lets you upload 10 second sounds at a cost of $L10 so the way the Isa had showed us with the whale sounds etc wasn’t going to work. Looking online people were using music streams on the land itself, but to do this you have to own the land which I don’t. So I am not sure how I’m going to get music but I will continue to research this and work on doors and lights first.




MUVE601 Assignment Three: Blog 2

This week I have been working on the initial build of Cloud Pub, I first started off with creating the four walls for the pub. This took me a few goes to get right first I tried making the walls out of multiple prims so I could have windows, however I found this rather difficult to make them even so I then did a bit of research and decided the best way was to use hollow on a square prim.


I then added another prim and applied the window texture we used in glass for the window, making sure the texture was correctly aligned on both sides. I then made three copied of this wall section and used these for the side walls of the pub.


Next I moved onto creating the front and back walls, the back wall was straight forward just made from one prim, however the front wall was a little bit more difficult making holes for the door I needed up using three prims for this. I then moved onto the floor which was just made from one prim.  Next I moved on the roof this is where I had a lot of issues, no matter how much I played around with the angles etc I could not get it completely aligned, so I needed up adding a wooden beam across the top to hit the alignment.


I think if I get time I will go back and start again on the roof to try get it more even as I am not that happy with the way it turned out, but I did spend a lot of time on it including starting again and still had the same issue.  I then moved onto creating the bar and bar stools, this took a while to get right especially the textures on the bar stool but I’m happy with the result.


Assignment Three Blog 1


Option Chosen: Content Creation – Complex Interactivity

Koru is a great island in Second Life but there is one thing its missing… your local pub of course! For my build, I am planning to create Cloud Pub which will be located on my building platform in Koru and welcome for all students and tutors to visit. Through my travels in SL I have always found pubs have been a popular hangout location in any community and a great place to socialise and meet new people.


The Cloud Pub will consist of four main areas; the bar, dancefloor, stage and seating area, it will be a single-story pub. I have not done a design sketch as it is likely to change upon building depending what looks best. There will be multiple shapes, textures and colours throughout the pub.


The purpose of building Cloud Pub is to create a location for students on Koru to socialise, meet new people and listen to music. The other purpose of this build is I wish to improve my building and scripting skills.


Learning Goal

I think this build will be very challenging all round for me because of my limited building experience in SL, I hope to improve and learning the following things in SL:


  • Placement and linking of prims
  • Overall scripting knowledge
  • Object that detect avatars (doors open/close)
  • Object passing content to avatar (Music line up)
  • Interactive prim with light (lighting for pub on/off)
  • Prim with sound (music in pub)
  • Interactive seating (allows avatars to sit on seat)



I believe The Cloud Pub will fit the first set of requirements for building with prims (numbers, shapes, textures, texture manipulations etc).  Below is the six-additional requirement I have chosen and how I plan to meet them.

A scanning system that will detect the presence of an avatar then interact with the avatar in some manner

To meet this requirement, I will have doors on the pub that will automatically open and close upon detection of the avatar.

A prim’s inventory item (Content) passed to an avatar

I will have an object located in the pub that upon clicking will past a notecard with the playlist for the pub.

An appropriate particle system

For this I will have a smoke machine located in the pub, most likely on dancefloor/stage area.

The sitting of an avatar on a prim with the purpose of either “seating” or “teleporting” the avatar

There will be bar stools that give the avatar the ability to sit on them with different seating positions.

A link out to a web page

I will have various posters around the pub if different bands on that when clicked will inked the avatar to a web page related to that artist.

An instance of a prim with Light

This will be the lighting for the pub I may have two types general lighting and spot lighting.



Week One

  • Create project plan
  • Start initial Sky Pub Layout floor plan


Week Two

  • Continue with pub build
  • Start applying textures inside and out
  • Build bar


Week Three

  • Research into scripting doors
  • Create door that open and closes when touched
  • Finish pub texturing


Week Four

  • Research using prims as lights for stage
  • Build and script light
  • Research how to play music in SL
  • Create source of music


Week Five

  • Finishing touches
  • Finalize blogs for hand in





Participating in a Community Part Two

 For my second community event I decided to join another group, rather than just doing another DJ event at Muddy’s Music Café. The group I have chosen to join in Aero Pines Park, this is a place where there are some fixed activities that people can do such as roller-coaster or bungee jump. They also have a wide range of annual events that are held on the land, from real events like New Year’s Eve through to biker rally’s.

The event currently being held at Aero Pines Park is the Eggapalooza 10th Annual Spring Hunt. Here players must hunt for the hidden eggs, some of which have hidden items that you will receive when clicked on. How you get around the island is up to you, you can walk, fly or even ride a sweet scooter as shown below.


So I decided to get cracking! Yes I just used that pun. All the Easter eggs have different patterns on them and are various sizes, some eggs where easy to find lying next to trees on the main path as shown below.


While other eggs were hidden in some of the public buildings.


After about 45 minutes of hunting I decided to call it quits and was happy with some of the objects I had received. As shown in the list below there were a lot of different kinds of objects from jeans to sheep guns, overall I had an awesome time at Aero Pines Park and will be sure to check out some of the future events.




Participating in a Community


Second Life is made up of various communities where players can socialise, learn, role-play and perform different activities. For this task, we were asked to join and participate in a SL community, at first I thought it would be relatively easy to find an active community that anyone could join. However, many areas were completely abandoned and others private, in the end I joined Muddy’s Music Café.

The reason I chose this destination was because it was recommended on various blog posts that I had been reading when picking a destination. Another reason is every time I have visited this place there has been a lot of other avatars present.  Muddy’s Music Café is a place where any avatars can come to socialize, dance and listen to live music. Upon entering you can choose to take a seat which will animate your character with different seating positions, or head on down to the dance floor and choose from different dance styles.

When joining the group, you receive notifications of when different DJ’s are performing, which is also usually the busiest times for Muddy’s.


I decided to attend one of these live events maybe make some new friends and hopefully here some good live music!  I was attending an Easter Hour party with DJ DWIGHT playing, initially I was having problems not hearing the music but after posting in the group chat I was told how to fix it. I was surprised to hear that it was a full-on radio station playing even mentioning avatars that were dancing! They also had things life confetti machines and also lots of Easter themed items.


Below is a photo with Muddy the Dog, I didn’t want to take a picture of the dance floor as I felt it may breach the privacy rights of the other players. But overall I had an awesome time at Muddy’s and will be attending another event again soon!





Protecting Intellectual Property in Second Life

 You can spend a lot of time in Second Life building and scripting to create all sort of cool and original objects, also there is Linden dollars to be made by selling these object in the SL marketplace. Permissions are a very useful way to help protect your creations, specifying how other players can handle your object such as copying or modifying. Without things like the transfer permissions people could simply buy an item from the marketplace, then resell the item for a cheaper price than the original creators.

In my opinion SL have the protection of intellectual property well covered. Although I am not aware how much of a problem plagiarism is in SL, I think the only additional way to improve protection would be to have a system where it could compare how objects are made to stop people building a replica of your idea.


CopyBot is a programme that was developed by the Second Life team, which allowed them to export an object from SL for backup reasons. They then released it to the public, people then modified the code allowing them to export backups of objects that were not theirs basically overriding the whole SL permission system. You can imagine the problems this caused for creators, so SL announced if it was used for this the player would be banned.

Protecting Creations

Through the correct use and understanding of SL permissions you can easily control how your creations are modified, transferred and copied. However, with programmes like CopyBot it is still possible for people to steal your creations, because of this Linden Labs have the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA).

If you notice that some has stolen on of your creations, this could be through seeing it in SL or just on the marketplace. You can contact Linden Labs who will assess the object under the DMCA, if the object is found to be copied/stolen they will delete the object and possibly ban the player. The only down fall is there is no way to stop the player from making another account and doing this again if they have the now how.

Permissions on Objects in Second Life

One of the things that makes Second Life so great is what you can create, you can basically build anything you can imagine if you have enough time and experience. A lot of people design and sell objects for Linden dollars on the SL market place, so as you can imagine you need control of these objects and how other people can interact with these objects. For this SL have sets of permissions that you can set on any object that you have created.



This is one of the most important permissions in SL, if an object is set to no-modify it means only the owner of the object can make changes to that object. If an object is set to modify this will allow the person in possession of the object to make changes to the object or delete it. Let’s say we have created a car in SL, we sell it to another a player but we set it to no-modify so they cannot change anything, this stops the player from being able to make any changes even the texture.


Copy is another useful permission in SL when selling or placing an item. There are two types; Anyone Copy this allows anyone to take copies of an object, and Next Owner Copy this determines whether the next owner can make copies of the object. For an example if we were to create a small shrub in SL and sell it, we may want to allow Next Owner Copy so they can copy and place multiple shrubs on their land. Anyone Copy would be useful for free giveaways that are frequent around the SL community, or if you are just feeling generous.


Transfer helps control what other players can do with an object once purchased or received, this either allows or denies the object from being given to another player or sold on the market place. Generally, any items you are selling you would set to no-transfer so one person cannot buy the object and give/sell the object to other players.


Move is a rather straight forward one, it simply allows or denies another player from moving an object once placed. Denying move would be some that could be used on trees on shared land, stopping players from moving your trees around.


Exporting is only available to the creator of an object, this allows the creator to export the object from SL. Let’s say we have creator an avatar on SL and we are going to give OpenSIM a try out, rather than create our avatar from scratch we can just export it from SL and import it to OpenSIM.

Second Life Community Standards


We all know in the online world there can be people just simply out to cause trouble for their own entertainment. To help prevent this Second Life has six community standards in place, this help assure that players are respectful to each other and have a more enjoyable experience.


This standard applies mostly to the chat part of SL as well as the creation side. This means players are not allowed to make negative or offensive comments based on things like their race or gender. I believe this standard has been put in place to make everyone feel more welcome in SL, and to assure they won’t be picked on for their personal beliefs of views.


As stated in the SL Community Standards, harassment can take many different forms. Basically, if you are doing anything to offend, intimidate or annoy another player this is classed as harassment. This is put in place to make SL more enjoyable, because I don’t think anyone likes to be harassed.


Many of Second Life’s areas are safe zones, this means things like pushing or shooting another player is not allowed. However not all areas are safe zones, in game areas things like shooting are the whole point! This rule is put in place for a very good reason, although I haven’t been shot at yet it can be frustrating have other avatars push you around.


Disclosure in SL refers to privacy, information that other players share with you in Second Life must be kept private unless they have specified otherwise. For example, if you make a friend in SL and they tell you where they live in the real world this information is not to be passed on without the player’s permission. This is put in place so that players can freely communicate without having to worry about the information being passed on.

Adult Regions, Groups, and Listings

SL is made up of various areas where different activities are permitted, they consist of three levels General, Moderate and Adult. Adult activities such as nudity are only permitted in the adult regions of SL. This rule is put in place to keep adult activities in their areas, this can be for various reason one being that there are players of all ages in SL.

Disturbing the Peace

Since there are so many different things you can do in SL, this rule is put in place to limit what is allowed in public areas. One example is when we had our MUV6O1 class with Isa on scripting, one of the students kept spamming the chat but touching another player’s prim. This would fall under disturbing the peace. There are other things that class as disturbing the peace such, but basically its anything to intentionally disadvantage or annoy other players.


I think the best way to abide by the community standards in SL is to treat other how you would like to be treated. Showing respect and being aware of your actions around other players all help everyone have a good time.

If you do encounter a player that you believe is breeching one of these community standards, the first step would be to communicate the issue with them. If the problem still persists you can report the player giving a description of the incident by right clicking on them and choosing report.