Second Life Community Standards


We all know in the online world there can be people just simply out to cause trouble for their own entertainment. To help prevent this Second Life has six community standards in place, this help assure that players are respectful to each other and have a more enjoyable experience.


This standard applies mostly to the chat part of SL as well as the creation side. This means players are not allowed to make negative or offensive comments based on things like their race or gender. I believe this standard has been put in place to make everyone feel more welcome in SL, and to assure they won’t be picked on for their personal beliefs of views.


As stated in the SL Community Standards, harassment can take many different forms. Basically, if you are doing anything to offend, intimidate or annoy another player this is classed as harassment. This is put in place to make SL more enjoyable, because I don’t think anyone likes to be harassed.


Many of Second Life’s areas are safe zones, this means things like pushing or shooting another player is not allowed. However not all areas are safe zones, in game areas things like shooting are the whole point! This rule is put in place for a very good reason, although I haven’t been shot at yet it can be frustrating have other avatars push you around.


Disclosure in SL refers to privacy, information that other players share with you in Second Life must be kept private unless they have specified otherwise. For example, if you make a friend in SL and they tell you where they live in the real world this information is not to be passed on without the player’s permission. This is put in place so that players can freely communicate without having to worry about the information being passed on.

Adult Regions, Groups, and Listings

SL is made up of various areas where different activities are permitted, they consist of three levels General, Moderate and Adult. Adult activities such as nudity are only permitted in the adult regions of SL. This rule is put in place to keep adult activities in their areas, this can be for various reason one being that there are players of all ages in SL.

Disturbing the Peace

Since there are so many different things you can do in SL, this rule is put in place to limit what is allowed in public areas. One example is when we had our MUV6O1 class with Isa on scripting, one of the students kept spamming the chat but touching another player’s prim. This would fall under disturbing the peace. There are other things that class as disturbing the peace such, but basically its anything to intentionally disadvantage or annoy other players.


I think the best way to abide by the community standards in SL is to treat other how you would like to be treated. Showing respect and being aware of your actions around other players all help everyone have a good time.

If you do encounter a player that you believe is breeching one of these community standards, the first step would be to communicate the issue with them. If the problem still persists you can report the player giving a description of the incident by right clicking on them and choosing report.




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