Participating in a Community Part Two

 For my second community event I decided to join another group, rather than just doing another DJ event at Muddy’s Music Café. The group I have chosen to join in Aero Pines Park, this is a place where there are some fixed activities that people can do such as roller-coaster or bungee jump. They also have a wide range of annual events that are held on the land, from real events like New Year’s Eve through to biker rally’s.

The event currently being held at Aero Pines Park is the Eggapalooza 10th Annual Spring Hunt. Here players must hunt for the hidden eggs, some of which have hidden items that you will receive when clicked on. How you get around the island is up to you, you can walk, fly or even ride a sweet scooter as shown below.


So I decided to get cracking! Yes I just used that pun. All the Easter eggs have different patterns on them and are various sizes, some eggs where easy to find lying next to trees on the main path as shown below.


While other eggs were hidden in some of the public buildings.


After about 45 minutes of hunting I decided to call it quits and was happy with some of the objects I had received. As shown in the list below there were a lot of different kinds of objects from jeans to sheep guns, overall I had an awesome time at Aero Pines Park and will be sure to check out some of the future events.





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