Assignment Three Blog 1


Option Chosen: Content Creation – Complex Interactivity

Koru is a great island in Second Life but there is one thing its missing… your local pub of course! For my build, I am planning to create Cloud Pub which will be located on my building platform in Koru and welcome for all students and tutors to visit. Through my travels in SL I have always found pubs have been a popular hangout location in any community and a great place to socialise and meet new people.


The Cloud Pub will consist of four main areas; the bar, dancefloor, stage and seating area, it will be a single-story pub. I have not done a design sketch as it is likely to change upon building depending what looks best. There will be multiple shapes, textures and colours throughout the pub.


The purpose of building Cloud Pub is to create a location for students on Koru to socialise, meet new people and listen to music. The other purpose of this build is I wish to improve my building and scripting skills.


Learning Goal

I think this build will be very challenging all round for me because of my limited building experience in SL, I hope to improve and learning the following things in SL:


  • Placement and linking of prims
  • Overall scripting knowledge
  • Object that detect avatars (doors open/close)
  • Object passing content to avatar (Music line up)
  • Interactive prim with light (lighting for pub on/off)
  • Prim with sound (music in pub)
  • Interactive seating (allows avatars to sit on seat)



I believe The Cloud Pub will fit the first set of requirements for building with prims (numbers, shapes, textures, texture manipulations etc).  Below is the six-additional requirement I have chosen and how I plan to meet them.

A scanning system that will detect the presence of an avatar then interact with the avatar in some manner

To meet this requirement, I will have doors on the pub that will automatically open and close upon detection of the avatar.

A prim’s inventory item (Content) passed to an avatar

I will have an object located in the pub that upon clicking will past a notecard with the playlist for the pub.

An appropriate particle system

For this I will have a smoke machine located in the pub, most likely on dancefloor/stage area.

The sitting of an avatar on a prim with the purpose of either “seating” or “teleporting” the avatar

There will be bar stools that give the avatar the ability to sit on them with different seating positions.

A link out to a web page

I will have various posters around the pub if different bands on that when clicked will inked the avatar to a web page related to that artist.

An instance of a prim with Light

This will be the lighting for the pub I may have two types general lighting and spot lighting.



Week One

  • Create project plan
  • Start initial Sky Pub Layout floor plan


Week Two

  • Continue with pub build
  • Start applying textures inside and out
  • Build bar


Week Three

  • Research into scripting doors
  • Create door that open and closes when touched
  • Finish pub texturing


Week Four

  • Research using prims as lights for stage
  • Build and script light
  • Research how to play music in SL
  • Create source of music


Week Five

  • Finishing touches
  • Finalize blogs for hand in






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