MUVE601 Assignment Three: Blog 2

This week I have been working on the initial build of Cloud Pub, I first started off with creating the four walls for the pub. This took me a few goes to get right first I tried making the walls out of multiple prims so I could have windows, however I found this rather difficult to make them even so I then did a bit of research and decided the best way was to use hollow on a square prim.


I then added another prim and applied the window texture we used in glass for the window, making sure the texture was correctly aligned on both sides. I then made three copied of this wall section and used these for the side walls of the pub.


Next I moved onto creating the front and back walls, the back wall was straight forward just made from one prim, however the front wall was a little bit more difficult making holes for the door I needed up using three prims for this. I then moved onto the floor which was just made from one prim.  Next I moved on the roof this is where I had a lot of issues, no matter how much I played around with the angles etc I could not get it completely aligned, so I needed up adding a wooden beam across the top to hit the alignment.


I think if I get time I will go back and start again on the roof to try get it more even as I am not that happy with the way it turned out, but I did spend a lot of time on it including starting again and still had the same issue.  I then moved onto creating the bar and bar stools, this took a while to get right especially the textures on the bar stool but I’m happy with the result.



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