Assignment Three: Blog 3  

This week I have been working on texturing for my build. I first started with the outside applying different textures and ended up choosing one of the free brick textures Isa had provided. Since my walls are made of several prims, it took me a long time of playing with repeats per meter and the scale of the texture the so it looked the same on all sides.


Next, I moved on to texturing the Roof, this also took a bit of playing around with the texture settings but not nearly as long as the bricks because its only three prims. Overall, I was happy with the way the roof turned out.


I then moved on to the inside of the pub and started texturing the walls, roof and floor. Once again, the walls took a while to get right but the roof and floor was pretty straight forward. Next I started texturing the bar and bar stools, I kept with the wooden theme for the bar and used multiple textures and settings for the bar stools such as shininess on the base. For the shelf, I ended up uploading my own texture and applying it for the bottles, the first time I did this I only did it locally and it disappeared when I logged back in. I then realised you had to upload the texture which cost $L 10 so that it would be permanent, once I had uploaded it and applied it again it stayed.


To create the sign for the pub I also uploaded a texture, I created it using an online texture generator with a transparent background so you could see the brick texture behind the sign (prim).


After this started playing with scripting, using what Isa had showed us I managed to get the script working for my bar stools so the avatar sits facing the bar and is on the stool. I then tried to get the script working for my door, I am a bit lost as after looking at lots of information online there seems to be so many ways to do it.

So I started working on getting music in my pub, I created some speakers from some prims and looked into scripting with sound. However it appears that second life only lets you upload 10 second sounds at a cost of $L10 so the way the Isa had showed us with the whale sounds etc wasn’t going to work. Looking online people were using music streams on the land itself, but to do this you have to own the land which I don’t. So I am not sure how I’m going to get music but I will continue to research this and work on doors and lights first.





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